Nearly There!!!!!

Nearly There!!!!!

So the last week has been a bit of a rollercoaster.

Starting getting mentally and physically prepared to go into Charing Cross only for it to be cancelled at the very last minute as there were no beds due to emergencies.  Initially they wanted to move it to the 13th March but after a complete meltdown by me and explaining that as we are both Paramedics we cannot just rearrange shifts at a moments notice.  Not only that but we have young children that we had arranged childcare for.  Anyway eventually and after much negotiation on both sides it was agreed that I could start on 6th March.

After a while we saw many positives at it being delayed for a week.  1) I could enjoy my birthday with everyone instead of tucked up in hospital alone.  2) I could really enjoy Chloe's birthday.  3) I wouldn't be too tired to enjoy Longleat for Chloe on Sunday and 4) I would get PANCAKES!!!  On top of these there were many other things that this actually helped so all in all it wasn't such a bad thing after all of the reorganisation.

Queue the start of the week before planning and rewriting lists.  All the time thinking I'm not answering my phone in case they try and cancel agan.  Then the very thing happened and I got a call from the hospital!  Heart thumping I answered tentatively, they were asking me to go in for yet another blood test.  After asking why it hadn't been done in the previous 2 I've had done recently, they replied that it was a new protocol that had been introduced this week and it MUST be done before my infusion start or it couldn't be done.  Hence more rearranging and we decided on Thursday.

Thursday arrives and we pack the children off to school and take the dogs for a walk to let the traffic die down.  An hour in the car up to Charing Cross all for 1 lonely vial of blood.  I was literally in there 15 minutes!!  Then an hour drive home to a hot drink.  Feeling frustrated but relieved that another hoop had been jumped through.

So now it has reached 7pm on Saturday and I think I can now safely say that I think all is go for Monday morning!!

Today is Chloe's birthday so we have been doing as much for her as possible including going out and spending birthday money.  Whilst also getting a fabulous picnic ready for our trip out to Longleat tomorrow with a couple of her friends.  Also ensuring that all the uniforms are washed and starting to pack my hospital bag.

But the ultimate is that Daryl and Chloe have packed me 5 bags of goodies for next week.  I have heard that the food isn't great so I will be extremely greatful of these treats.  I have a Protein bar, Maltesers, Popcorn, Hazelnut Chocolate and a lovely slice of Gingerbread Cake courtesy of my Granny!!!

So I will sign off and run off to get the final bits together and make sure I have all my activities to keep me busy whilst having my infusions.

I will update every day next week about what is going on and how I'm doing but keeping fingers crossed that side effects are to a minimum and treatment is good.


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