Day 4. It's Friday Eve!

Day 4. It's Friday Eve!

Day 4 finished! 

I managed to sleep last night which was a welcome relief.  And was woken by the local Peregrine Falcons out catching their breakfast which is a beautiful sight in the morning.  But the rash has really started spreading all over and big hives driving me mad.  

No steroids today so the infusion day was much shorter.  Due to the itching I've been having Cortisone IV on top of all the other meds.  But if I'm honest it's only the Piriton that's giving me any relief but does make me quite woozy too.  So I literally go from being hyper and itching like mad to just monging watching Netflix.  Which is fine until I get up to go to the loo and feel very light headed.  It soon slows me down.

You can tell it's exam time here we are all being used as guinea pigs for the students to practice on before their exams.  I've got off quite lightly really and only had a couple where as some of the other inmates have had 2 or 3 visits per day!  But so far I've been diagnosed with MS and Motor Neurone - soon corrected when it was pointed out that I was far too young for that!  I know I'm not looking my best but REALLY!!!

The food is really bad now.  I'm trying to eat it but it really isn't appetising anymore and having jacket potato for the 3rd day as I don't like anything else is getting boring and still no hint of BACON anywhere!  Daryl has better be slaughtering me my own personal pig for bacon for when I get out.  

I have started the countdown for home now.  Can't wait to see the children and dogs and I'm sure I'll be smothered to bits and not allowed out of any of their sight for a while.  I'm really looking forward to a nice bath and to sleep in my own bed with a duvet and to eat some proper food.  Then I can really start to recover.

But til then one more night and last infusion and I'm winning this!  #Do1MS


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