Day 3 - Early Starts

Day 3 - Early Starts

Day 3 over and hopefully the last day of steroids too!

It all started a bit early for me though by waking at 3 am wanting the loo but whilst waiting for my legs and brain to start communicating one of my fellow inmates decided to take a tumble and as the only other person awake I had to summon help as just wasn't feeling up to getting her up myself.  Luckily all was well but I didn't get back to sleep.

7am obs and morning mess done and breakfast before kicking off the day at 9:45 with Piriton and steroids.  The rash has started coming back up again so the Dr has written up Cortisone when needed.  I do get a lovely selection of hives appearing on my arms and legs though.  One nurse even tried to tell me off for getting the rash too early!  It's not like I had a choice in the matter!  Maybe I'm just rocking this shit!

Very slick on the beverages front today so I'm extremely grateful that I brought my own and Mum and Dad arrived with supplies!  Although no BACON!    I am looking forward to some proper home cooked food with lots of protein when I get home though.  Today's food was Luke warm but edible mostly probably the worst day so far but the menu looks better for tomorrow so keeping positive.

Today apart from crocheting a unicorn head this morning I've only felt like sitting here box binging on Netflix again.  I would read but the words have been a bit blurry in drug fuelled haze.  Maybe tomorrow.

Tomorrow should be a shorter day without steroids, although if I really suffer with the rash then they may have to supplement some in again so we will see but over half way there now!!!!


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