2 Weeks post treatment

2 Weeks post treatment

Week 2 after treatment is nearing the end.
Sorry I haven't posted more but time and life ran away with me.

So how have things been?  Initially after coming home I was so tired I couldn't keep my eyes open for more than 3 hours at a time.  Hence I moved from the bed to the sofa and then back to bed again.  This improved massively after the first couple of days.  Then I graduated to making the morning school run and resting for the rest of the day.

The first week I had dizziness most of the day and a really awful headache for several days running that was only slightly relieved by medication.  But it was nice to not be in a drug induced haze for the majority of the day.  I did have some itchiness return but luckily no real rash just a slight reddening.  But I still needed some Piriton that the hospital supplied to stop it from driving me insane!  Im still taking my Antivirals daily and will be for some time yet!  By then end of the first week I was feeling quite good but this meant that I truly over did it on the Friday and really suffered.  So back to residing on the sofa.

Week 2 and the dizziness and headaches have gone!!!!!!!  I'm now able to do both the morning and afternoon school run but still getting tired very easily.  On Tuesday I challenged myself to do a dog walk which was fantastic to get back out in the fresh air and into the woodland.  Unfortunately this meant that I couldn't do the afternoon school run but it was worth it.  Daryl headed back to work on Wednesday which was a bit of a shock for both of us as a) he had to get up mega early and b) I had to make sure I could do the usual weekday routine.  I had planned to get back from the school in the morning and sit my bum on the sofa and rest so that I could make sure I was ready for the afternoon run.  This plan worked well and I managed to catch up on some TV shows that I had recorded and drink LOTS of tea.  Needless to say I managed and everyone survived!  And I managed to cook dinners too!

I'm not back at work yet as I don't feel I am anywhere near being able to manage a 12 hour shift in a busy, stressful room as well as an hour journey each way.  I have only managed to drive very local so far and can't stay awake for 12 hours solid let alone work!  So I really don't know how long it will take but I am not rushing anything as I have had a couple of days feeling good and also discovered how very easy it is to overdo it too.  But this does give me a great chance to look into alternative new jobs too.  My role is moving to Crawley which is a ridiculously long journey and I physically could not do a 1.5 hour journey each way on top of a 12 hour shift.  Besides I would be financially a lot worse off so there is absolutely no way I can do that.  So I am looking at alternatives that will be better financially but also for the family too!

I will have to have a chat with my GP very soon and try to persuade them to do my monthly blood tests to save me too much inconvenience.  I'm really hoping they will as it is literally in the walk to and from school so would be ridiculously convenient for me to do it.  Besides I only need fairly standard bloods and urine tests done.  But I have 2 weeks to arrange that one.

Along with keeping away from horrible illnesses and infections - even a though the family have been showing signs of colds for the last week and a bit so far I've been ok.  I also have to follow a strict diet for 3 months to avoid getting Listeria.  It's explained as being just like the pregnancy diet but no diet I followed during pregnancy was this prescriptive.  I have to wash or peel all raw fruit and veg, ALL meat must be cooked thoroughly - no medium steaks, I can't have soft cheeses, no pate or hams, I can only eat salad where I am certain of their washing and preparation protocols, the same for eating takeaways, BUT I can have alcohol so yay!  It's a bit of a pain in the arse but basically as long as everything is either washed, peeled or freshly cooked I'm ok.

Oh and no fear I CAN have BACON and I have had it EVERY SINGLE DAY SINCE BEING HOME!!!!!!!!

And I have developed my new hobby and am now a crochet demon!  I have multiple little friends now and am planning plenty of other projects for the coming months.  So if anyone has any requests I'm sure I can accommodate or look into them for you.  

I am glad I've done this even though I'm still exhausted and still getting pain but as we all know this is a long journey and not even nearly finished treatment until after the second dose in a year.  That's the very earliest that there will be improvement but it's better to do this and look after myself now that do nothing and keep getting worse anyway!



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